The current era is more of the techno oriented. The world is at the stage, where we have reached to the Mars and no doubt, we as the Indian people are know into the world as the most talented among the human being.

We have reached to the top in IT and Automobiles industry. We are known among the top manufacturing hub across the global market. We are living into the world that is changing and improving more often.

So considering the scenario, why to follow the old school technique, where only only class room teaching was enough to score the marks and marks was considered to be the symbol of excellence than the skill.

We at Shankarrao Chavan International School and Junior College, Nanded focuses more in providing the more quality and effective teaching by merging and implementing the technology with the traditional learning.

We focus more on helping our students building their dreams and achieving the desired position in their life what they want to be. We try our level best to make full utilization of all available resources for our students that help them to achieve the same.

Be the helping hand of your child to let them achieve what they desire to be. Let them have their own dreams and have faith on them to let them achieve the same by their own.